Friday, 15 April 2011


Ok, I've been thinking, I sat this morning for a while and had a think about where I see myself going with this project and I just don't know if I'm completely happy with my brief and the things I have chosen to develop work based around.  Over the holidays and before I read the brief I had the idea that I would base my work around whatever I continued to have my attention drawn to and the things I couldn't help but notice all the time was the potholes in the road.  I really liked the idea of working with the idea of detachment as each time I saw a pothole quite close by there was a wheel trim, which had, I presume, become detached from the wheel of the car when the car went down the pothole.  I have just had an idea, I had never really thought of this in this way before when I leave Tenerife I am being detached from the place and the people there, when I'm there I become attached to the people and the island, its like the wheel trim it was once attached to the wheel and then became detached because of the pothole.  So Maybe I could think of Tenerife as being the pothole and hole.  So I could look at things being attached and what causes them to become detached. 

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