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Ok im still in the library, researching I just was typing into google question like How do artists try to explain why we become attached to things aroung us and I got this really interesting website up

Linking Body Mind Spirit and Soul

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One of the frustrations of living in a physical body is the difficulty in linking up our body mind spirit and Soul. We have an inbuilt desire to be happy which could also be seen as a desire to link these aspects together. Within each of these aspects we have a variety of choices. We are often confused by the choices available to us.
Do we use this idea or that insight?
Can we trust this feeling or go with a logical approach?
Do we go with the flow of life or stay focused on the goal we have set for ourselves?
How can we cut through this confusion and link body mind spirit and Soul?

Firstly, let’s define each aspect.

Our human body, our physical body which we use to move around our physical world. With its senses we can interact with the physical world. We use our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our touch to feel, our mouths to taste and our nose to smell. All these senses feed information to our mind.

Mind, is the part that gathers all the information from the senses and decides what we do with it. It uses logic to come to a decision about the information and then suggests what to do next. For example, we look at and feel a piece of fruit to see if it is ripe, we smell it and we taste it. Our mind uses memory, one of its allies, to remember similar fruit from previous experiences. It measures the current piece of fruit against that, if it is happy with the sight, touch and smell, it suggests we taste it. Depending on how it tastes we’ll get a decision to either continue eating or else get rid of the fruit.

Spirit, is the element which holds our worlds together. We as individuals can just about control our bodies so Spirit looks after the planets, the environment, the way things work together and keeping all the atoms spinning in the right direction. Other names for Spirit are, the Holy Ghost, the Life-force, the Universe, the God Force, the Force, etc.

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Soul is an element of ourselves we often overlook. We can get a glimpse of It through our subconscious, Its way of communicating with us. It is the true, happy, loving part of ourselves which is eagerly awaiting us to link together body mind spirit and Soul.

We know our body quite well and our mind is used on an ongoing basis. Our understanding of Spirit can vary from person to person, but most of us are aware of some force or power beyond our control working in our lives. Our awareness of Soul is generally a bit fuzzy. While we can feel the love and happiness coming from It, Soul is often lost among the trials of life which keep our focus on the physical world and distract us from seeing the subtleness of Soul in our lives.

How can we link body mind spirit and Soul?
Working on and developing our awareness of Soul is probably the easiest way of balancing and linking all of our inner and outer aspects together. Soul is the loving and happy part of ourselves. It has a better perspective on all our worlds. It is living in and working with Spirit all the time. Soul’s natural home is in heaven, in Spirit.

If we can make a conscious effort to link with Soul we’ll be using our mind to explore Soul’s worlds. We can do this a number of ways.

Contemplation / Meditation
We can spend time on a regular basis just wondering about Soul, what part of us is Soul? How does it interact with our worlds? What is It? This is a little like daydreaming. We take time by ourselves to explore this concept. It is like attending a regular spiritual class where, our mind is the student and Soul is our teacher. We need to get to know It first before we can begin to understand It.

Singing a holy word Contemplation_femal_buddha_copyright_2011_by_Ed_Parkinson-EdP-Art-com
The Higher Power, Allah or God communicates with us through sound and light. By singing a holy word or a word that is special to us we are using sound one of these characteristics of God. Here are a few suggestions of holy words:
HU, a love song to God used in ancient Egypt, by Sufis, in other cultures and by modern day members of Eckankar.
Allah is the most frequently used name of God in Islam.
Alleluia, a combination of Allah and HU.
Brahman, the Hindu name for God.
Waheguru, meaning Wonderful Teacher bringing light to remove darkness, is considered the greatest among Sikhs.
Yahweh and Elohim are the Jewish names for God.

Letting Love Flow
As Soul lives in a state of love, by letting love flow through our lives we are linking with It. This love is the pure kind which doesn’t require anything in return. We do things because we love a person, animal or Soul. We do things because we love to do them and they bring a benefit to us and those around us. Love is the key that will unlock the secrets to happiness and bring us to the wisdom of Soul.

Linking body mind spirit and Soul will bring a balance to our lives. We will bring more of Soul’s features into our lives. Features like, happiness, understanding, peacefulness, contentment and the best one of all, love. Using any of these techniques will help us renew our connection to Soul and balance the other aspects of our lives.

Wishing you love in all aspects of your body mind spirit and Soul.

*Ed Parkinson

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