Wednesday, 13 April 2011

More quotes :)

Sculptor Cheryl Ekstrom says about art and spirituality, "It is only during the actual making of my art that I can experience the freedom of self. A freedom of transcending into an unconscious state of addictive euphoria! My need to experience this feeling is the primary motivation behind all of my endeavors as an artist. When through this experience a work of art can capture that euphoria for the viewer, I feel as though a vulnerable piece of myself has been made visible. When this happens, I believe the process has come full circle."

Installation artist Leah Vasquez adds, "Creating occurs (for me) primarily in a focused, immensely singular event unconscious of itself. It reveals itself only through interruption as self-awareness, bringing forth insight and form. The closest I come to describing my view is spiritual agnosticism: the openness to possibility without doctrine. It is what becomes observed while losing the conscious self. It is focused yet natural, an unexplainable awareness when unaware, without ritual, hierarchy to define it is an appreciation of the unknown with compassion to accept possibility."

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