Wednesday, 13 April 2011

In library in art school :D x x x x x x x

Hello everyone, I'm sitting in the library just now, just back from the ref, ok I'm going to do some research today.  I think I have my idea, I just got home last week from Tenerife, where I spent my mid-term break, first of all you have to know that Tenerife is a place which holds a great part of my heart, basically I love the place.  My family and I have close family friends there who when we go over we spend alot of time with but the part that interests me and got me thinking is when I go home I miss everyone and the places there so much and it actually takes me time when I arrive home to get over if you like not being there anymore.  I feel I actually have a types of withdrawal symption.  Noe that I have been home a week I have fell back in love with Glasgow and Scotland and I feel settled here.  I can now think of Tenerfie and everyone that comes with it and not get sad like before but look forward to going back over there again (10 weeks) whoohooo!!!
Ok so what I'm interested in is how as humans we build relationships, how and why we become attached to someone or something and how we become attached to a place.  Why does this happen and also how we can easily love two places at once, how when we are in one place we an easily see ourselves living there and we really don't want to leave but at the same time we don't really want to stay either as we want to go home as we also love that too then when we are home its the same scenario.  I hope I'm making myself clear. x x x x x x x

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