Thursday, 14 April 2011

I just typed 'space between two places' into google images and this was the image that came up so I clicked on it and this came up, I dont know if its even going to be intereating for me look at but I thought I would record it anyway.  I see that Cornelia Parker and her work has been metioned so thats my next task to do some research (lol my favourite word) on her.

The Internal Slipping Out into the WOrld at Large
mariele neudecker, using 'florescent fishing line'
increidble visual effect, illusion of light manifested in physical form, using a well known common material, depicting. 3d model/photograph.

my actual door to door idea, space, distance, place etc- use fishing line or thread to create a palapable space between two doors, corresponding to an actual set distance. this creates a medium for something else to happen. meshed space between the two doors exists only to connect the two places
measuring liberty with a dollar, cornelia parker. exact length of statue of liberty drawn out into wire from a silver dollar piece.

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