Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Some cool quote I found

Here are some intriguing quotes I found :D I love the way of looking at art and spirituality as being connected

"This cyclical process begins with the artist's thought, proceeds to the making of art, and is then released for all others to enjoy and receive in their own subjective spiritual way."  Brett Rubbico

"Art and Spirituality confirms the belief that what one is doing is somehow imperative," says Orange County, CA artist Arie Galles. "Mere commercialism, even for the few who are well known, isn't the fulfillment of one's efforts.

"Somewhere within one's drive, there is a consciousness of the matter of creation being more important than the actual resulting product. Spirituality doesn't interfere or assign work; it is always renewed with each stroke of a brush, pencil, chisel and motion or sound.

"In that state of being one is transported to a reality where time and space is actually bent, where physical exhaustion is nullified by the joy of something that never before existed now coming off the work of one's efforts."

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