Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Even more quotes lol :)

Newport Beach gallerist Brett Rubbico wrote, "One finds art and spirituality very closely linked, interconnected, and interdependent. Simple cave drawings through today's modern street art scene effectively communicate powerful messages of spirituality.

"Deeply inspirational art will consummate with a physical experience, emotional feeling, and/or other worldly encounter. These attributes represent the trinity of natural man (created art) and the Trinity of God (Supernatural Spirituality). The spiritual world is real and when sensitivity, execution, and relationship are engaged, developed, and matured artwork is made using these multiple and complex layers." Brett Rubbico

"Often artists have a profound experience physically or spiritually which must be communicated by making art, other times nature speaks to the artist. From the point before an actual physical artwork is created spirituality has already begun. " Brett Rubbico

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